Importico Bakery and Café

We are proud to show you one of our newest completed projects Importico Bakery and Café at Historic Building 555 Colorado Ave, Stuart, FL. Not only does Importico’s interior look beautiful their baked goods are even better! Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed the project!

Safe Travels

It’s raining here in South Florida, and we want you and your family to have a safe trip. Whether going on vacation or just out grocery shopping, always be prepared.

For parents with children that are still in car seats, get a bright neon sticker and write on it all of your child’s vital information: name, known allergies, medication that they take, illnesses and the phone number of an emergency contact. Then affix the sticker to the side of the car seat. If you are rendered unconscious in an accident, first responders will immediately know all of the information about your child. And the neon makes it easier to see if the car is filled with smoke.

Also, make sure you keep a first aid kit in your car, as well as emergency essentials such as a bottle of water (not for drinking), and a flashlight. It’s also a good idea to keep a charged cell phone; as long as it has a charge, you can use it to call 911. Finally, apply sunscreen to your kids while they are in the car; they can get a sunburn through the window.

Have a safe trip!


This and other tips can be found at Keys to Safer Family Travel on

Green Tip of the Day

Get the Kids involved!

Teach them to Reuse – model good recycling practices at home.
-Reuse printer paper. Did you print a test sheet, or have a misprint? Start a scratch paper box.
-Use old tee shirts as dust or cleaning cloths.
-Reuse plastic grocery bags as small trash can liners

Make them “The Boss”- make each child or house-hold member “The Boss” of a green job.
-Recycling Organizer; this person monitors the trash and recycling to ensure items are making it to the correct receptacles.
-Lighting Director; this individual can remind others to turn the lights off when they leave a room.
-Plastic Manager; this person is on the look out for items which can be reused instead of simply discarded.